ISO 9001 machine shop in Pittsburgh

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  • A modern place for manufacturing.

    At 53,000 square feet, our facility has characteristics that are uncommon for a company of our size. From the server-based CNC infrastructure to a climate-controlled precision manufacturing chamber, we’ve put forth significant resources to stay on the cutting edge of technology. The type of work we do simply does not allow for anything less. It’s getting better all the time, too. We update our equipment every few years, and we’re staunch believers in reinvesting in the company to remain ahead of the competition.

    When you partner with Astley Precision, you get the best of two worlds. We have the equipment of a large corporation, but move at the speed of a small business. Our customers are delighted to know that their parts are made in a modern manufacturing facility, but are even happier to know that they can pick up the phone and talk to someone who understands their parts inside and out.

    Open air and lots of visibility.

    Our general manufacturing area houses most of our CNC machines and serves as the focal point of the facility. We have bright lighting, individual work tables for each machining center, and plenty of room for our toolmakers to move between machines. We even use air filtration equipment to reduce airborne particulates and create a healthier work environment for our employees.

    Advanced inspection tools.

    We use state-of-the-art equipment to examine the most complicated parts and assemblies, including two CMMs, an inspection workstation, and a profilometer. We also have a full assortment of optical measuring equipment and traditional measuring devices.

    Ultrasonic cleaning.

    At the request of our customers, we installed a dedicated facility to clean parts ultrasonically in-house. Our laboratory-grade equipment comprises sonicators, wash cabinets, and a nitrogen purge oven, among other apparatus.

    A networked environment.

    Nearly all of our CNC machines are networked together to share files and communicate with a central server. Our machine operators can request and update programs directly from their machine, without ever having to leave the work area. This ensures that the most recent programs are always available, and translates into increased efficiency on the shop floor. We also have dedicated computer workstations for solid modeling and programming.

  • Everything in its place.

    When a customer visits our plant, the first thing they notice is how clean and organized it is. Our employees take pride in their workplace and do their part to keep it looking great. They know that precision manufacturing requires a level of cleanliness greater than the average shop, and Astley Precision is among the tidiest around.

    Room to grow.

    Our plant also has warehouse and assembly space, with plenty of room to grow. We stock our customers’ inventory and raw material, and we even have a library of fixtures and work-holding configurations.

    Climate-controlled precision.

    Our entire facility is heated and air-conditioned, but the room that houses our Mikron HSM 400U is specifically maintained at 73° F (with minimal tolerance) for ultra-high-precision machining operations.