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  • The final step: clean parts.

    Astley Precision can clean your parts before shipment. Our cleaning facility uses laboratory-grade equipment to remove contaminants and prepare parts for assembly in a controlled environment. We employ both ultrasonic and hand scrubbing techniques as specified by the job requirements. An electronically-controlled oven ensures that your parts are dry prior to packaging, and our staff can sign off on each item to guarantee that it has been properly cleaned to the specifications required.

    Many customers opt to have us assemble their cleaned parts, too.

    For special cleaning requirements, talk to us about our ISO 6 (class 1000) laboratory-grade clean room.

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  • Ready for the lab.

    Our ultrasonic cleaners will eliminate machining fluids, chips, and other contaminants from your parts. Upon receipt, the parts will be ready for installation in your laboratory or controlled equipment.

    Cleaning equipment:

    (1) ADF high-pressure washing cabinet
    (1) Custom 3-stage ultrasonic cleaner
    (2) Crest 2800HTA ultrasonic cleaner
    (1) Kewaunee H05 fume hood
    (1) Deionized water washdown system
    (1) Despatch LND1 oven