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  • Quality parts for demanding industries.

    Astley Precision manufactures components and assemblies primarily for the medical, scientific, and research industries. We're known for producing some of the highest-quality parts around, and our customers trust us to manufacture their most complicated designs.

    Our meticulous approach to high-precision manufacturing has given us the ability to work with a number of cutting-edge technologies, including mass spectrometry and electron microscopy. We also cater to the medical community, producing parts for high-accuracy electronic pill counters and automated hospital robots. No matter the industry, Astley Precision has the staff and equipment to manufacture components for nearly any customer.

  • Mass Spectrometry

    Analyzing the composition of molecules.

    Electron Microscopy

    High magnification using an electron particle beam.

    Electronic Pill Counting

    Accurate medication quantities for pharmacies.

    Hospital Automation

    Serving patients and doctors in the OR and elsewhere.

    High-Speed Printing

    Rugged inkjet printing for industry.